Intelligently designed with the character of the Mission in mind, 1979 Mission will feature three distinct buildings, each paying homage to its respective surroundings.
Recognizing 16th Mission BART as an important transit hub, the City increased the allowable building height of buildings along Mission Street to 105 feet when BART was constructed in the 1970s. The Mission Street residential building also takes into account the future heights of adjacent buildings and introduces transitions in building articulation at various heights along the exterior wall. The exterior wall also incorporates various window types, as well as glazed brick to enliven the building’s frontage and to visually reduce the building’s massing.

Cantilever balconies, draped in brightly colored bougainvillea, will rise above the BART plaza creating a visual landmark and place making for the neighborhood.

Along the Mission Street building’s northern edge, the top four floors have been set back to reduce the shadow impact on Marshall Elementary School allowing the sun to shine when its most needed.

As part of the Eastern Neighborhoods Mission Area Plan, adopted unanimously by the Board of Supervisors in 2009, the City increased the buildable height of proposed buildings along 16th to 105 feet. The 16th Street residential building has an entry at the corner of 16th and Capp Streets and reaches a height of 105 feet, stepping down to 55 feet along Capp Street. The dominant architectural feature of the 16th Street building is red brick which grounds the building to the pedestrian realm and is matches contextually with the nearby Redstone Building and Victoria Theatre.

The Capp Street residential building reaches a height of 55 feet to relate to the more intimate scale of the residential buildings on the east side of Capp Street. It is articulated into four distinct wall segments to decrease the visual length of the building. To minimize shadow over Marshall Elementary School, the Capp Street building steps down to four stories and a notch is introduced along the north property line shared with the school. Apartments on the ground floor of the Capp Street building have been designed with front door stoops, providing direct access to the Street. The front door stoops create an appropriately scaled, finer-grain street front that recalls neighboring residential buildings and creates more activity along Capp Street.