The Mission Street residential building takes into account the future heights of adjacent buildings. It introduces transitions in building articulation at various heights along the exterior wall. The exterior wall also incorporates various window types that reflect and distinguish homes which visually reduces the building’s mass and scale.

The 16th Street residential building has an entry at the corner of 16th and Capp Streets and reaches a height of 105 feet, stepping down to 55 feet along Capp Street. The 16th Street façade creates 3 offset tiers of bay windows. Each tier is intended to relate to the heights of existing and future surrounding buildings.

The Capp Street residential building reaches a height of 55 feet to relate to the more intimate scale of the residential buildings on the east side of Capp Street. It is articulated into at least three distinct wall segments to decrease the visual length of the building. To help with sunlight as the Capp Street building approaches Marshall Elementary School, it steps down to four stories and a notch and inner courtyard is introduced along the north property line shared with the school. There are 3 proposed ground-floor homes with direct access to Capp Street, creating an appropriately scaled, finer-grain street front that recalls neighboring residential buildings.