1979 Mission Street will be a rental community, however we have received a wide range of input, including suggestions for for-sale units. We will be exploring this further in our concepts and throughout our discussions with the community.

We have met with the San Francisco Unified School District, the school administration and parents.  Open and frequent communication will continue for the duration of the project and more frequently during the design and planning phase.   All efforts will be made to minimize the impacts on the school and its students.  Best practice construction policies will be adhered to during the construction.

We acknowledge that a significant construction project will be taking place on this site.  However, frequent and varied lines of communication will be open between our neighbors and the project.  Hopefully, there will be no surprises and we can work through any issues that arise. 

The current retail space will be demolished and replaced with over 32,000 gsf of ground floor retail with storefronts along Mission and 16th Streets and the 16th Mission BART Plaza.

One of the primary tenets of the Mission Eastern Neighborhood Plan is to provide housing along transit rich corridors.  The corner of 16th and Mission is one of the most transit-richly served areas of San Francisco with four intersecting MUNI bus routes and BART with a station directly below.  The existing buildings on this site are over sixty years old and structurally and functionally obsolete.  They were designed before BART was a consideration and have never integrated with this important transit service. The safety and quality of life of people using the BART Plaza need to be addressed and improved.

Building housing with the density proscribed in the Eastern Neighborhood Plan is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Community; housing that serves all the needs of this diverse neighborhood from affordable and work-force housing to market rate.  Neighborhood serving retail will address the needs of the community and also afford some small local businesses the opportunity to get a start at this bustling corner.

Our plans include 303 new apartments and 42 affordable homes We are looking to provide for-rent housing in a variety of types and sizes to promote diversity as diverse as the Mission and the rest of San Francisco, including working families to seniors and professionals. Units range in size from studio to four-bedrooms.

The project includes 42 affordable homes.

The project team envisions a mix of retail uses of local businesses including a pharmacy, small grocery store or market hall, cafes, restaurants, and other neighborhood-scale commercial uses.

We acknowledge that a pharmacy is an important community asset at this location and will endeavor to provide one.

Yes.  As noted in the question about retail above, every effort will be made to include local businesses in the project.

While still under design, parking will be less than the Planning Code allowable maximum spaces and will likely use car stackers. Currently a underground parking garage accessed via Capp Street is proposed which will include twenty-two (22) independently accessible spaces for retail use and one hundred thirty-seven (137) spaces for the rental apartment homes. Of the spaces reserved for rental apartment homes, eighty-four (84) will be stacker spaces. Additionally, at least four (4) car share spaces will be available on site. Parking will comply with zoning requirements.

Yes. Bicycle parking will meet or exceed zoning requirements. The basement garage and ground floor levels will house one hundred sixty-four (164) Class-1 bicycle spaces and twenty-seven (27) Class-2 bicycle spaces, meeting Planning Code requirements.

Yes. At least four (4) car share spaces will be provided in the parking garage.

The buildings will be in conformance with the Mission Eastern Neighborhood Plan.  1979 Mission has a 105-foot height limit along 16th and Mission Streets and a 55-foot height limit along Capp Street.

Yes. The 1979 Mission Street project site was addressed in the Mission Eastern Neighborhood Plan approved in 2009 that undertook a thorough review of potential environmental impacts, consistent with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  The proposed project will conform to the requirements of the Mission Eastern Neighborhood Plan and any subsequent studies required by the Mission Eastern Neighborhood Plan and the Planning Department.  An environmental review application has been submitted to the Planning Department.

No, the project will not be receiving any government subsidies to fund the project; it will be completely privately funded.

Maximus Real Estate Partners, LLC is a small group of locally and nationally experienced rental property operators and developers committed to the long-term improvement of the site.  Preserving the organic feel and flavor of the Mission is a top priority and they are continuing to look at ways for the project to integrate into the Mission neighborhood while providing economic opportunity and housing for working San Franciscans.

The Project includes approximately 32,000 gross square feet of retail space of varying sizes and whose storefronts will line Mission Street, the existing 16th Street/Mission BART plaza, and 16th Street.  Efforts will be made to give priority to the existing tenants who wish to return and to the local businesses.

While this is a market rate community, the project will conform to the inclusionary requirements of the Mission Eastern Neighborhood Plan and will strive to serve working San Franciscans.

We value community input and participation. Need more information? Have feedback? Send us an email! We're happy to respond to any question you may have that you don't see.

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