The Process

To help us evaluate 1979 Mission Street's constraints, its existing facilities and infrastructure, and the neighboring infrastructure we have brought in design and engineering experts. We are now in the early stages of conducting environmental and technical studies of the concepts and plans included in the project plan.

In February 2014, Maximus-BP 1979 Mission Street LLC submitted an application for Environmental Evaluation to the San Francisco Planning Department to analyze the 1979 Mission Street plan. The application is used to request an environmental review of the project to fulfill the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The location of 1979 Mission Street is within San Francisco's Eastern Neighborhood Mission Area Plan whose EIR was approved in 2008. A Conditional Use Authorization application was filed with the City in March 2014.

In addition to working with our neighbors in The Mission we are working with local and regional agencies to deliver a project which maximizes community benefits to The Mission neighborhood and San Francisco. New construction in residential districts (with or without demolition) is regulated by the San Francisco Planning Code. 1979 Mission Street will proceed through the appropriate City approvals. In this section you'll find a rough schedule of the project, how our project is consistent with the San Francisco Planning Department's community area plans and zoning districts, and who the project team is. Take a look around!